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Posted by: | Posted on: January 13, 2017

Mountain Climbing -Female Practical Goods

Mountain Climbing – Female Goods

The power of guys and girls in an outdoor activity are different. Your legs are not as long as guys’. It is natural for you to feel tired if you continue to follow the rhythm of walking style of guys. If you’re feeling tired and not very strong to continue the journey, just tell your team. They certainly understand why.

Restore your energy with honey or chocolate snacks. Straighten your leg, take a breath, and drink. Then continue the journey. The beauty of the scenery at the summit can be your spirit to back foot. In fact, the girls do have affairs care to maintain the beauty and her health.

But, for you girls who want to climb the mountain, you can still stay healthy and look gorgeous on the mountain anyway with these practical tips. Here are some tips to make you happy when climbing.

You can use sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun. These objects can also protect you from the plume of dust left over from the previous climbers. In addition it would also be for the style. To keep it practical and handy, you can slip it in your little bag or at the top of your carrier. Slayer or cheesecloth is also required for you to carry.

A piece of cloth does not consume a lot of places that you can use to protect your neck from the cold. You can also use veil as a head covering when the sky is hot. In addition, using colorful cloth on your head also can make you become more eye-catching. Your friends in the team can easily recognize you only from the color of the cloth headdress that you use.

Protect Your Hands With Gloves. Gloves can double. First, on the trip usually you will find the ramp that force you to crawl, and holding on to big trees that could be spiked. Well glove hand made us safer. In addition, while the night, this one object can also be used to warm your hands.

It is indeed so one inescapable dilemma for girls who want to climb the mountain. On the mountain there’s no toilet, so inevitably you must be sincere defecating in the open. Hell yes initially it is strange but over time also it is ordinary really. If you are curiosity for pee to come, immediately look for hidden places.

Choose the flat plains which are located far enough away from the tent, so that no other climbers who will watch. In addition, in order not too exposed, you can also wear a poncho or sleeve as cover. Pooping in the mountains. You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery than any toilet. Oh yes, do not forget to bring the tools to dig up the soil and do not forget to also bring wet wipes.

For you who are doing some diet, it is forbidden for doing dietary food. In addition to limiting the energy and forcing yourself, it can also harm other people you know. Eat enough, don’t let you too weak. To maintain your weight, you can doing some yoga exercise between breaks.

You do not want if you fail to enjoy the beauty of the mountain because you are sick, right. For you girls who do not want fat, we know, instant noodle is the most practical foods can be processed anywhere and easily. But besides not healthy, we get too bored ‘it if we continue to eat instant noodles for in the mountains? Well, at the top of the mountain we can still eat healthy, you know. Not complicated really.

For example, you can make red bean soup. Prepare all the ingredients in the form of rebates from home. You can bring a small jar of oil, such as in a soy sauce bottles. If you want to take an egg and keep it in egg holder or you input in the bag with the rice. For food menu on top of the mountain, choose foods that are healthy and high-calorie.