Female Mountain Climbers Need This Equipment

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female mountain climbers

Female Mountain Climbers

Climbing a mountain is one sport that is a trend lately. The girls as member of any nature enthusiasts are already familiar with this one type of sport. Although this activity is quite heavy and sweat, climbing a mountain instead of inhibitors is still beautiful, healthy and charming, you know. Here we add a few tips that you can follow to have a good trip.

Start a light sport at least a week before going. For the girls who rarely exercise, it is good to start exercising at least a week before going up the mountain so the muscles do not tense your muscles and shock later. You can try to exercise in the morning, jogging, or swimming so your breath is longer and organized at the plateau later. By way, you do not easily get tired and exhausted while climbing. You also more easily regulate breathing, so you do not really struggling as they walk away.

Do not forget to check out some tactical flashlight reviews online because a good flashlight is a must. Also wet wipes. On the mountain, we sometimes cannot predict about the availability of water. For that, you need to bring wet wipes and dry wipes for the sake of cleaning up the body. You do not want oily body, right. Sweat and dust stuck many days in your beautiful skin. In addition, these two objects can also be used cleaning up the dining utensils.

mountain climbingBefore going to bed is the perfect time to look after your skin. Clean the entire body with wet wipes, and use moisturizer or night cream so that your skin is protected from dehydration. Also do not forget to miss your lips to your lips rubbing balm. Prepare dressing and some clean underwear in case if for example “monthly guest” suddenly come.

Do not forget to take medication menstrual pain. And if you climb in a state of menstruation, make sure you bring some small plastic to keep the former. Put a used bandage in a separate compartment in the carrier-mu, always put off other goods. Do not be lazy to replace the pads. In the midst of strenuous physical activity, sometimes menstrual quantity can also be increased.

Moreover, in conditions of minimal water, it is essential to replace the pads on a regular basis in order to maintain cleanliness. One thing is certain. Do not ever leave scars on the mountain.

You may not be the only girl. So you can have your own tents. Even if you should be alone and have to sleep with your team friend’s apartment, mostly guys, you can choose to sleep on the very edge, or you can love your friend code to friends jokingly that you need to keep yourself. Implicitly, it shows that you need privacy and space as girls. Certainly understand why network of friends. Or such is not possible, put the goods in between you and them as a separator.

Find a safe food. To note that most healthy adults can survive for up to three weeks without food except cold. Better hungry and healthy than sick. Make sure you know the food is safe before eating. There are only two things that reduce your ability to survive. Get lost and severe pain. Hunger is not a big problem.

Hopefully this review will serve as a sufficient knowledge of you not to panic, and still be able to survive in the jungle. Do not rush too quickly reach the top. While doing the climb, the air condition is certainly much different from those in which we live.

The body will make adjustments, you should not underestimate it, although invisible, but if your body is not able to make adjustments perfect, it is not you will be attacked by the disease on the mountain. Symptoms are ranging from nausea, fatigue, no appetite.

This is very dangerous, because if let hikers can lose their lives. Always carry medicines. Your body is different from the others. You are most familiar with the state of your body, what you are enduring illness and medication exactly what you need.

Although you may not suffer from any illness, it does not mean you do not have to take your medication. Remember in the course of the climb anything could happen such as accidents or so forth, and there is no doctor or pharmacy. So you have to prepare medications from home.

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