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Posted by: | Posted on: January 13, 2017

Tips for Novice and Experienced Climbers

Tips for Novice and Experienced Climbers

Mountain climbing is an activity that can be done by anyone be it men, women, children, the elderly and the elderly can even do this activity. Of course, mountain climbing activities need special preparation, especially mountain climbing paradigms that we play in the outdoors, playing in an unusual place inhabited by humans.

Here are some tips for novice climbers and experienced climber. Mountain climbing activities are not only limited to the activities of trekking, summit, photographs on the summit, descend back to base camp. But there is a value that we can take the meaning as: live paradigm of life that is in mountaineering course we want to get to the top though through all kinds of trials such climbs are heavy, selfish, thirsty, hungry, sleepy, weather constraints, injury, heavy load, and so on.

This paradigm is similar to the concept of our real life. In life, we want to reach the peak of life as a great career, high school, glorious achievement. Of course to achieve all that we would pass through obstacles and trials. With mountain climbing, we will understand this as a micro our lives in the real world.

In addition, many lessons we can take from mountain climbing like restrain selfishness, teamwork, tolerance, mutual help, mental and physical exercise and train our body and soul to become a physical and spiritual man. Climbing a mountain is one of the hobbies that were increasingly widespread and much-loved.

Mountain climbing activities, as well as other activities in the outdoors, always full of exciting adventures, sometimes even extreme. Because of that, before making the climb, every climber should do the preparation. Do not let activities aimed to gain the experience and satisfaction.

This self-adverse consequence is for themselves climbers and nature. Tips for novice climbers up the mountain the following may be of little help prep climbing the mountain.

The first tip is to plan carefully climbing. The choice of location, route climbing, the weather conditions, the number of climbers, a period of time, will affect the supplies and equipment that must be prepared. Do not forget to get official permission from the relevant parties.

Next tips is to prepare physically and mentally like to exercise regularly to keep body was not surprised when the ascent. Learn about and need to know about the terrain and routes to be traversed. Mastery of the terrain and the route is a very important thing. At least one group must mountaineering there is more than one person who really has mastered the terrain and know the routes and hiking paths.

Prepare effective and efficient large supplies. Supplies should be adapted to the location, route, time period, the number of climbers and weather conditions. However, some essential equipment are specialty bags climbers (carrier), trekking shoes, jackets, raincoats, mattress, sleeping bag, change of clothes, lighting equipment such as flashlights, lighters, tents, plastic bags, stoves and cooking utensils mini, communications, water, and survival equipment and medicines.

Tips on loading equipment in the carrier should be the composition of the heaviest items in the up position while lighter items at the bottom. This setting is useful for when carrier used, the heaviest burden on the shoulders and not the waist so that we do not get tired because withstand heavy loads due to improper packing.

Set the logistics and material enough food management. Tip to bring food in mountain climbing is also important. Bring food that is light, compact yet contains enough calories also the fast food that is cooked. Do not bring and consume alcoholic beverages because although warm but alcohol can lead to rupture of blood capillaries for blood capillary expands too quickly in the body. Obtain a permit and report on post ascent. Before climbing is done, you must report to and obtain permission from the parties concerned, especially in the post ascent.