Mountain Climbing Checklist – What You Need To Pack

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List Of Stuff You Should Have Packed

When you have the great will for hiking to a mountain and want to create a history of survival journey, you have to start with things that you should bring before the day comes. It is essential when you are going to hike, and you make a list of things that are important in the middle of your survival journey. The most common mistake by hiker especially those who are still newbie miss some important things that you cannot share with another member of hiking teams like underwear and clothes. The temperature will be so cool, and you should have prepared days or weeks before you go. To give ease on making a list, here is the list of stuff you should have packed days before you go to the mountain:

Backpacks / Carrier

Bring a backpack or a career by which to hike the mountain. To hike the mountain two days is enough to bring a career 35-40 liters. To mount only one night usually, carry a small backpack for drink and food that has been wrapped from basecamp. Certainly different with mountain hiking gear seamers which the standard disposable bags 55liter

Small bag

This little bag is usually necessary is used to deviate HP, Power bank, headlamp, medicines, and wallet. Small goods more safely put a small bag to avoid confusion when looking for him in his career.

Waterproof jacket/wind breaker

Typically mountain jacket features a waterproof or can withstand the wind, this fact should not be owned because you can borrow to your friends. The thing is to wear comfortable and warm jacket can sleep soundly.


Despite not being the rainy season, rain coats still have to be brought as many benefits such as a cushion in front of a tent and a tent pads so that the tent is not dirty. In rainy season never forget a raincoat because his role is fatal.

Clothes to sleep, clothes to the road, changing clothes and garments in

In hiking to more than three days, you should bring two garments, namely to sleep and to the road, because it will be wet clothes sweaty and made sleeping uncomfortable/prone to colds. It is so important to always bring spare clothes.

Hats and Gloves

When running daytime heat of the sun, it will be stung once; you should use a hat and gloves to keep skin mottled. Usually, because the heat of the sun is also the skin will peel after going down the mountain, to prevent it should use a hat and gloves.

Hiking shoes or sandals

Please use boots/mountaineering shoes or sandals mountain (the actual rafting sandals). Avoid using futsal shoes/boots because it will be dangerous when there is damage and will be slippery because it is not the designation.

Socks and reserves

Wear socks despite the use sandals to the feet stay clean and avoid of twigs or rocks that could tear the skin, socks required reserves on the way down, so that the foot does not hurt when you usually double down socks.

Emergency and Survival

Medicines for hiking is necessary; you can bring generic medicine like paracetamol, first aid box that contains scars remedy, warmer oil, herbs oil, etc that can give the hikers first aid and give comfort when there is a little scar in body or legs.

Survival tool

Knives are not only used for survival can also be used to cook remedy and foods when you and your team might need to cook in sudden. Knives have different types, and when you want to make it cool or completed, you can divide the task of bringing the knives.

Sleeping bag

To feel comfortable ascent should bring a sleeping bag, sleeping in the cold for quite unwell

As a pedestal in a tent to sleep to indirectly tent to the ground. Also it could be to board the stove if you want to cook in the tent (although not recommended for cooking in a tent)

Tableware: Dishes, glasses, Spoon & Fork

Bring cutlery with whole package, preferably made of plastic except for the spoons and forks because plastic stuff will not give more weight for carrier when you are going to hike to the mountain


Bring your trash and rubbish around you down. Don’t ever let you and your friends leave trash in the surrounding of the mountain because it is one of the worst thing happen and most of the hikers will curse the act of leaving trash at the mountain.

Flashlight / headlamp

A vital tool for traveling at night, the good news for us all flashlights are now also encountered in Mobile

Wet wipes

After eating food assortment Mount, if the water is hard to find then simply clean with wet wipes. It is also used during defecation

Lighter / lighters

When lighters on a faulty gas stove, matches are the solution.

Tips for Novice and Experienced Climbers

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Tips for Novice and Experienced Climbers

Mountain climbing is an activity that can be done by anyone be it men, women, children, the elderly and the elderly can even do this activity. Of course, mountain climbing activities need special preparation, especially mountain climbing paradigms that we play in the outdoors, playing in an unusual place inhabited by humans.

Here are some tips for novice climbers and experienced climber. Mountain climbing activities are not only limited to the activities of trekking, summit, photographs on the summit, descend back to base camp. But there is a value that we can take the meaning as: live paradigm of life that is in mountaineering course we want to get to the top though through all kinds of trials such climbs are heavy, selfish, thirsty, hungry, sleepy, weather constraints, injury, heavy load, and so on.

This paradigm is similar to the concept of our real life. In life, we want to reach the peak of life as a great career, high school, glorious achievement. Of course to achieve all that we would pass through obstacles and trials. With mountain climbing, we will understand this as a micro our lives in the real world.

In addition, many lessons we can take from mountain climbing like restrain selfishness, teamwork, tolerance, mutual help, mental and physical exercise and train our body and soul to become a physical and spiritual man. Climbing a mountain is one of the hobbies that were increasingly widespread and much-loved.

Mountain climbing activities, as well as other activities in the outdoors, always full of exciting adventures, sometimes even extreme. Because of that, before making the climb, every climber should do the preparation. Do not let activities aimed to gain the experience and satisfaction.

This self-adverse consequence is for themselves climbers and nature. Tips for novice climbers up the mountain the following may be of little help prep climbing the mountain.

The first tip is to plan carefully climbing. The choice of location, route climbing, the weather conditions, the number of climbers, a period of time, will affect the supplies and equipment that must be prepared. Do not forget to get official permission from the relevant parties.

Next tips is to prepare physically and mentally like to exercise regularly to keep body was not surprised when the ascent. Learn about and need to know about the terrain and routes to be traversed. Mastery of the terrain and the route is a very important thing. At least one group must mountaineering there is more than one person who really has mastered the terrain and know the routes and hiking paths.

Prepare effective and efficient large supplies. Supplies should be adapted to the location, route, time period, the number of climbers and weather conditions. However, some essential equipment are specialty bags climbers (carrier), trekking shoes, jackets, raincoats, mattress, sleeping bag, change of clothes, lighting equipment such as flashlights, lighters, tents, plastic bags, stoves and cooking utensils mini, communications, water, and survival equipment and medicines.

Tips on loading equipment in the carrier should be the composition of the heaviest items in the up position while lighter items at the bottom. This setting is useful for when carrier used, the heaviest burden on the shoulders and not the waist so that we do not get tired because withstand heavy loads due to improper packing.

Set the logistics and material enough food management. Tip to bring food in mountain climbing is also important. Bring food that is light, compact yet contains enough calories also the fast food that is cooked. Do not bring and consume alcoholic beverages because although warm but alcohol can lead to rupture of blood capillaries for blood capillary expands too quickly in the body. Obtain a permit and report on post ascent. Before climbing is done, you must report to and obtain permission from the parties concerned, especially in the post ascent.

Mountain Climbing -Female Practical Goods

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Mountain Climbing – Female Goods

The power of guys and girls in an outdoor activity are different. Your legs are not as long as guys’. It is natural for you to feel tired if you continue to follow the rhythm of walking style of guys. If you’re feeling tired and not very strong to continue the journey, just tell your team. They certainly understand why.

Restore your energy with honey or chocolate snacks. Straighten your leg, take a breath, and drink. Then continue the journey. The beauty of the scenery at the summit can be your spirit to back foot. In fact, the girls do have affairs care to maintain the beauty and her health.

But, for you girls who want to climb the mountain, you can still stay healthy and look gorgeous on the mountain anyway with these practical tips. Here are some tips to make you happy when climbing.

You can use sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun. These objects can also protect you from the plume of dust left over from the previous climbers. In addition it would also be for the style. To keep it practical and handy, you can slip it in your little bag or at the top of your carrier. Slayer or cheesecloth is also required for you to carry.

A piece of cloth does not consume a lot of places that you can use to protect your neck from the cold. You can also use veil as a head covering when the sky is hot. In addition, using colorful cloth on your head also can make you become more eye-catching. Your friends in the team can easily recognize you only from the color of the cloth headdress that you use.

Protect Your Hands With Gloves. Gloves can double. First, on the trip usually you will find the ramp that force you to crawl, and holding on to big trees that could be spiked. Well glove hand made us safer. In addition, while the night, this one object can also be used to warm your hands.

It is indeed so one inescapable dilemma for girls who want to climb the mountain. On the mountain there’s no toilet, so inevitably you must be sincere defecating in the open. Hell yes initially it is strange but over time also it is ordinary really. If you are curiosity for pee to come, immediately look for hidden places.

Choose the flat plains which are located far enough away from the tent, so that no other climbers who will watch. In addition, in order not too exposed, you can also wear a poncho or sleeve as cover. Pooping in the mountains. You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery than any toilet. Oh yes, do not forget to bring the tools to dig up the soil and do not forget to also bring wet wipes.

For you who are doing some diet, it is forbidden for doing dietary food. In addition to limiting the energy and forcing yourself, it can also harm other people you know. Eat enough, don’t let you too weak. To maintain your weight, you can doing some yoga exercise between breaks.

You do not want if you fail to enjoy the beauty of the mountain because you are sick, right. For you girls who do not want fat, we know, instant noodle is the most practical foods can be processed anywhere and easily. But besides not healthy, we get too bored ‘it if we continue to eat instant noodles for in the mountains? Well, at the top of the mountain we can still eat healthy, you know. Not complicated really.

For example, you can make red bean soup. Prepare all the ingredients in the form of rebates from home. You can bring a small jar of oil, such as in a soy sauce bottles. If you want to take an egg and keep it in egg holder or you input in the bag with the rice. For food menu on top of the mountain, choose foods that are healthy and high-calorie.

Surviving Mountain Climbing – The Benefits

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Surviving Mountain Climbing

Climbing the mountain is also interested sport activity in the wild even wilder. Friend, we realize that the mountain is not a human habitat for various wildlife and diverse floras have proliferated here before we climb. Climbing the mountain is not just a set foot climbing to the top and back.

Virtually mountain climbing is a sport like any other sport. We become players to compete and play a lot of audience support our yelled out loud even with a variety of percussion instrument. Unlike sports mountain climbing, here we watch in Cheer by wild trees, wild animals, cold air, even uphill road rain and storms. It can be in the bargaining mountain climbing that is a strenuous activity because it requires physical and mental high.

There is also a thought that mountain climbing is just an ordinary leisure activity until there is no doubt many accidents on the mountain until he died due to underestimate the physical and mental preparation should also supplies air to survive ignored.

Adapting on the mountain is not like we got the service as usual, even the media in the wild is much more to educate mental and soul to be independent and not rely on others, because there must be awareness that wild physical activities are all definitely risky because we interact directly with nature, of course, we are bound to face the changes of normal living conditions to normal conditions.

Friend, let us to remember when we were in our day to day environment even at home. We’re going to shower, eat breakfast, sleep in a warm blanket, that need is already provided by our parents and families is provided by a beloved wife or husband. But in the wild who provide the facility of it all, if not ourselves.

Climbing a mountain is the adventure in the wild as an expression of the soul, mental, mind which begins with feelings of question marks by the results of a climbing trip and ended up with gratitude for the successful ascent. The feeling of fear of danger should be faced by physical body.

However, if you are not absence of fear, it means that you are not in challenge for adventurous brave faces a challenge. And the success of face challenges in need of physical endurance, and mental stable, but it also requires special skills. However, it also requires a fee, which is where the cost is also an important role in the survival of climbing trip. No charge sufficient climbing will be hampered even fail.

Well, this is travel management which cannot be separated from the money of course. You can view the contents of your wallet or pockets, but it only reflects luxurious and whether or not our journey, starting from the kinds of transportation to the facility in ascent. Everything is planned carefully and everything that really we need is already neatly packed adventure then we will get things that are new.

Not everyone can enjoy sport with mountain climbing as traveling because here we are treated to a panoramic view of the original nature. In addition there is a miraculous benefit in the form of non-stamp duty (profit) that sometimes we do not realize. Educate more positive physical and mental.

Because it runs on the mountain require no small effort to ramp down even climbing steep cliffs and physical consequences of mental becoming weaker then will decrease. In such circumstances we are faced by a physical or learning to be healthy physically and power for fast response in reacting.

It maintains mental though in a state of decline because here we are dealing with the natural extent of our self-reliance to survive in the wild until materialized patriotism. This can be applied to live about hard, happy, successful even stumble and fall life.

It realizes solidarity team. Generally mountain climbing involves several friends and here you are demanded to be able to cooperate together with the compact. With the cooperation of solid team, it could minimize hazardous events or accidents in fellow team members.

It prints a formidable identity. Intelligence will be formed for activities in the outdoors that requires specific knowledge and skills. By this, you will be trained with the theories that are directly practice with no half-hearted. In the original character personal climbing buddies will be obvious which one is spoiled, lazy, careless, selfish, independent, tough and tender. All your original character will manifest itself because on the mountain we are faced with a huge hit and obvious.

Female Mountain Climbers Need This Equipment

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female mountain climbers

Female Mountain Climbers

Climbing a mountain is one sport that is a trend lately. The girls as member of any nature enthusiasts are already familiar with this one type of sport. Although this activity is quite heavy and sweat, climbing a mountain instead of inhibitors is still beautiful, healthy and charming, you know. Here we add a few tips that you can follow to have a good trip.

Start a light sport at least a week before going. For the girls who rarely exercise, it is good to start exercising at least a week before going up the mountain so the muscles do not tense your muscles and shock later. You can try to exercise in the morning, jogging, or swimming so your breath is longer and organized at the plateau later. By way, you do not easily get tired and exhausted while climbing. You also more easily regulate breathing, so you do not really struggling as they walk away.

Do not forget to check out some tactical flashlight reviews online because a good flashlight is a must. Also wet wipes. On the mountain, we sometimes cannot predict about the availability of water. For that, you need to bring wet wipes and dry wipes for the sake of cleaning up the body. You do not want oily body, right. Sweat and dust stuck many days in your beautiful skin. In addition, these two objects can also be used cleaning up the dining utensils.

mountain climbingBefore going to bed is the perfect time to look after your skin. Clean the entire body with wet wipes, and use moisturizer or night cream so that your skin is protected from dehydration. Also do not forget to miss your lips to your lips rubbing balm. Prepare dressing and some clean underwear in case if for example “monthly guest” suddenly come.

Do not forget to take medication menstrual pain. And if you climb in a state of menstruation, make sure you bring some small plastic to keep the former. Put a used bandage in a separate compartment in the carrier-mu, always put off other goods. Do not be lazy to replace the pads. In the midst of strenuous physical activity, sometimes menstrual quantity can also be increased.

Moreover, in conditions of minimal water, it is essential to replace the pads on a regular basis in order to maintain cleanliness. One thing is certain. Do not ever leave scars on the mountain.

You may not be the only girl. So you can have your own tents. Even if you should be alone and have to sleep with your team friend’s apartment, mostly guys, you can choose to sleep on the very edge, or you can love your friend code to friends jokingly that you need to keep yourself. Implicitly, it shows that you need privacy and space as girls. Certainly understand why network of friends. Or such is not possible, put the goods in between you and them as a separator.

Find a safe food. To note that most healthy adults can survive for up to three weeks without food except cold. Better hungry and healthy than sick. Make sure you know the food is safe before eating. There are only two things that reduce your ability to survive. Get lost and severe pain. Hunger is not a big problem.

Hopefully this review will serve as a sufficient knowledge of you not to panic, and still be able to survive in the jungle. Do not rush too quickly reach the top. While doing the climb, the air condition is certainly much different from those in which we live.

The body will make adjustments, you should not underestimate it, although invisible, but if your body is not able to make adjustments perfect, it is not you will be attacked by the disease on the mountain. Symptoms are ranging from nausea, fatigue, no appetite.

This is very dangerous, because if let hikers can lose their lives. Always carry medicines. Your body is different from the others. You are most familiar with the state of your body, what you are enduring illness and medication exactly what you need.

Although you may not suffer from any illness, it does not mean you do not have to take your medication. Remember in the course of the climb anything could happen such as accidents or so forth, and there is no doctor or pharmacy. So you have to prepare medications from home.